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The University Cricket Club

university cricket club

Founded by homegrown hardened cricket legends – Rod ‘Bear’ McLennan, Kev McPhee and Bob Harding as well social cricketers Mick Ryan, Gil Drury, and Rob Muller – University Cricket Club was born.

Previously named The Institute Cricket Club, the organisation was built on rocky foundations.

Unexpectedly, the merger between the serious competitors and good time go-lucky team found its footing and now the University Cricket Club celebrates its latest season.

After the change in educational institutional status and name, we upgraded our emblem to the bold, bright and fierce Phoenix that continues to represent our club today.

We’re incredibly proud of our junior and senior players who represent our University Cricket Club in Toowoomba in various association, regional, state and national teams.

Our current committee, junior coaches and captains have made significant contributions to the club and we’re seeing fantastic results on the field.

We greatly appreciate our role in the local community and continue to maintain positive relationships with our sponsors.