University Cricket Club Toowoomba

Love The Game

Join a team at University Cricket Club and be part of a fantastic club culture that celebrates our passion for Australia’s number one teams sport.

With an increasing number of players in recent seasons, we’re incredibly proud of our club’s growth.

We’ve had numerous junior and senior players represent our University Cricket Club in various associations, regional, state and national teams.

Our cricket committee, junior coaches and captains are doing great things for our club and we’re seeing incredible results on the field.

If you’re interested in being a part of the local Toowoomba cricket community,
don’t hesitate to sign up for the upcoming cricket season.

We’d love to hear from you!


As one of Toowoomba’s premier cricket clubs, our proud organisation has gone from strength to strength since we were first established in 1975.


The number of junior players is on the rise. Join our Toowoomba cricket team for the upcoming season. You’ll get to celebrate your love of the game & make friends for life.

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